Breathe, A Lakeview Novel

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Breathe, A Lakeview Novel
Well the last of the Lakeview novels is written. Finishing is bittersweet.
 An end of a YA era. 
Breathe will be the first in the series told from Halle and North’s point of view and takes place entirely in Tamura right before Blakely and Max’s wedding. 
Writing in  first person has been both exciting and challenging. It has been great practice for what’s coming next and I can’t wait to give fans of the Lakeview Series a story that allows an in depth picture of what these two characters are thinking.
That being said, and as I hinted above, I am thrilled to announce that my next project is already in the works. A new middle grade book about a TV talent competition seen through the eyes of an emotionless Alien race trying to take over the planet.  
It feels  incredible to be writing again. It is like a piece of my soul has been put back into place.
Look for Breathe later this summer. Updates on release dates to come.
Happy Reading- S

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