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Halle has come home! (Think Scream, a Lakeview Novel, book 3)

Some parents cheer when their children finally head off to school.

We did not.

Our daughters left home too soon.

Living in a small town we could not compete with what boarding school could give them, the opportunities, the education, the travel.

So off they went, black flats and knee high socks in hand, at the tender age of 13.

The school they attended inspired my first book series.

Our eldest two girls now attend the universities they’ve dreamed about since grade school.

They are happy independent young women who make us proud each and everyday.

But recently our lives changed a bit.

We moved, twice, switched jobs and now live in a city.

Best of all, however, our youngest daughter came back home to finish her last two years of high school.

It was a hard decision for her to make. She loved where she was at school, but an unbelievable educational opportunity opened up for her at our new home.

Being the new kid, at new school, in a new town is never fun. I may have to start writing a YA series now about kids who attend a day school. – gasp 🙂

Any suggestions?


Happy Reading –S



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