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Change seems to be my theme over these last several months.

I am sorry for not blogging sooner.

My family, husband and kids, have been through a lot recently.

Amongst other things, we sold our house. A place we built sixteen years ago. We’ve moved away from the small town we loved and where we raised our kids.

My husband sold his company.

We lost three beloved pets.

One to wanderlust (our turtle Todd went walkabout. I’m thinking he found a girl turtle and is raising a family somewhere in our old hedge. I might have to write a children’s book about him.)

Another to old age, peacefully passing at home.

And one to a tragic accident when we were out of town.

In a crazy effort to fill the void, we adopted two puppies. Their energy and razor sharp teeth are keeping us on our toes at all times.

Sadly, with everything going on, I haven’t been writing, but I’m going to change as well.

I have three new ideas. Two have been outlined. I might even stray from my usual kid friendly genre.

Writing is about life. Stephen King once said -98% of fiction is just non-fiction with a twist. It’s true. I am excited to see what comes from my keyboard next.

Happy Reading – S

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