Distractions Part 2 – Todd is a Bully

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Distractions Part 2 – Todd is a Bully


Todd is a bully

It’s true

I have seen it with my own eyes.

Who is Todd you ask?

He is our seemingly harmless tortoise.

He joined our family years ago.

Now he is the size of half a regulation basketball.

When we first got him we would take him out of his glass tank to play and even trained him to eat from our hands.

Our three dogs didn’t seem to bother him and when we left him out to walk around we would often find him cuddled up against one of their warm bodies.


Last year we decided to give Todd the run of the house and put away his glass tank for good.


So what happened?

I honestly don’t know.

It started when Todd, who is well fed, decided that human toes resemble food and were fair game thus startling us with the occasional nip.


But that is not all.


Todd quickly grew bored of our two-legged family members and moved on to our dogs.IMG_0010


As I sat writing last week I watched Todd approach.

Click, click, click went Todd’s long nails against our wooden floor. (Who ever said tortoises where slow definitely didn’t own one.)

Todd circled Koda, one of our three dogs, who slept soundly at my feet.


“What are you thinking Todd?” I asked out loud.


Todd extended his scaly neck and fixed his beady black eyes on our sleeping dog.

As he approached he slowed his pace, moving so that he did not make a sound.

Curiously I watched him jockey into position.

“Yip,” Koda shrieked, jumping into the air.

“Todd!” I yelled.

The tortoise glanced in my direction and continued moving toward the frightened dog biting him for a second time.

With his tail between his legs Koda sprinted off only to find Todd, now in hyper drive, a few paces behind.

The chase continued for the next few minutes before Koda leapt onto the couch.


Unsuccessful in his quest for protein of any kind, and clearly defeated as tortoises are not good climbers, Todd approached the couch and with a puff lowered the belly of his shell to the carpet.


“Todd” I said while grabbing him and returning him to the safety of our laundry room. “Be a nice!”




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