Happy Book Birthday Scream! Lakeview Novel #3

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Happy Book Birthday Scream! Lakeview Novel #3


The third novel in Campbell’s Young Adult “Lakeview Series” finds its heroine, Halle Henry, kicking off her senior year with the perfect boyfriend, perfect roommate (his twin sister) and the prospect of getting into the perfect college–all of which become endangered when her boyfriend Alex witnesses a murder and ends up expelled for drugs planted in his backpack. Faced with uncooperative adults, Halle devises her own plan to corner the culprits using all the high-tech electronic equipment and methods at her disposal from full-on Internet, social media and digital tools to ordering spy stuff off Amazon. Halle joins forces with an unlikely ally–Alex’s edgy roommate Wyatt–as they set out to bring the real criminals to justice and bring back Alex in time for graduation. But can they keep from getting killed in the process? And almost as important:

Can they find out why the school cafeteria food sucks?



Happy Reading -S

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