How do you learn?

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How do you learn?


Some people gain knowledge when they open a book.

Others absorb information by observation.

Yet everyone can learn through play.

Here in Seattle at the University of Washington, we have a top ranked College of Education.

I am a new board member. I still can’t believe it. The honor thrills me because I get to be involved in how our teachers are taught to teach and how these amazing individuals can inspire our children, get communities involved and make sure that everyone who goes to school has an equal chance at success.

It is thrilling to see, especially as a dyslexic adult, author and passionate literacy advocate who struggled in school.

On November 3rd from 3-5 pm at the Pacific Science Center’s Boeing Imax Theater there will be several 5 minute / 1 image talks on “Play” from the faculty, scientists and community members.

Instead of TED talks we call them EDU Talks.

The best part? There will be wine and great people to discuss it all with afterwards. Please join me!

Happy Reading –S

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