Hush, The movie???

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Hush, The movie???

Is it too much coffee, or  just the thought of my first published book, Hush, being made into a movie that’s got me so jumpy?

I wrote Hush as a fun way to communicate with my daughter, Blakely, when she went off to boarding school.

My goal was to create a fun, quick read, she and her friends would enjoy when not buckled down at their desks perusing their more serious studies.

I mixed together her school (where all three of our girls will this going this fall,) Shawnigan Lake, with a hint of my own, Brewster Academy, to create the backdrop.

I watched our kids, their friends, and colleagues interact. I asked tons of questions to any one who would listen between the ages of 13-20, I volunteered in classrooms, friended teens I knew on social media sites, and listened to random young adults interacting to figure out the dialogue and  relationships I wanted to write about.

It’s not really all that different from when I was in school, but that was three kids and a couple of decades ago so I did not want to rely on my memory.

Blakely actually rewrote the texting bits in the book, telling me that the way I originally wrote was completely inaccurate. You have  to love teenagers.

Now the book is being optioned and I have been asked to come up with cast suggestions, FUN, except I don’t have a clue.

So once again I have turned to our girls and their friends.

OK, I said, I need suggestions for who you guys think should be in the movie. Send me a list.


Blakely – (17, daughter #1  / via Facebook messaging) Me, of course, problem solved.

Me– No way I’m watching you in a kissing scene.

Blakely– (a couple of minutes later) Ok, ha ha, how about Hailee Steinfeld & Shaileene Woodly for me. Ian Harding, or Sam Calfin for Max.

Me– How about Halle? Who ever gets the roll could potentially be in all four movies if the books are all picked up.

Blakely– Ava Allen, definitely

Me– Sweet, perfect, thank you!!!

Leigh- (15, daughter #2/ within minutes, via text)-Emma Robberts, Alex Petyfer, Alexander Ludwig, and the entire cast of The Vampire Diaries.

Mescratch my head and wonder why I bothered asking.

Halle- (13, daughter #3 / over the counter while fixing dinner) I don’t know. I have to think about it. What’s for dinner?

Me– What do you want?

HalleShrug, Mac n’ Cheese?

Me – You need a vegetable.

Halle– I know.

Me– Did you feed the dogs?

Halle- Oops, just doing it.

Then I posted the question my Facebook author page, Stacey R Campbell, and got some great feed back, thanks everyone!

I will let you know more as things progress.


Here is the real Blakely- What do you think?


  1. I vote Hailee Steinfeld for the role of Blakely and Daniel Sharman as Max. I think Mackenzie Foy would be great for the role of Halle.

    • Great suggestions! 🙂

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