I’m Afraid.

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I’m Afraid.

Reviews are very important to authors; they can make or break a book.

I wish I wasn’t, but I am afraid to write them.

My spelling is that bad.

How embarrassing is it to have to admit that I am an author who can’t spell?

My publisher and editor actually laugh at my many mistakes. “At least I’m consistent,” they tease.

Thank God I’ve learned how to laugh too.

Well that and luckily my husband and children are great spellers who proof read my blog posts.

Spontaneous Facebook posts are the next most terrifying thing I have to do followed closely by signing books.

Did you know I once signed “Princesses Rock” before my name at a Hush signing and spelled princesses wrong in every single book before someone pointed it out.

Now I simply put “Happy Reading” because it is easier to spell.

So if you are an author, and you have only received a multiple star rating from me, you now know why.

And now hopefully, if you’ve seen any of my terribly punctuated and miss spelled Facebook posts you can smile.

I truly believe that is through our imperfections and the admission of our flaws that we grow, teach, and become better human beings.

Happy Reading -S



  1. Stacey,
    Thanks for sharing your “flaw” as a writer. I think we all like to project the most perfect version of ourselves, but sharing those things that trouble us allows space for our humanity, space for us to connect with each other.

    • I completely agree. 🙂

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