Life as a Lefty

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Life as a Lefty

Have you ever tried using your less dominate arm for everyday things?

I personally try to avoid it.

Typing is slow, hair brushing impossible, and eating, well… really not that pretty.

Unfortunately, I have been forced to give this a go.

I got into a bit of a ski accident.

But, like everything else in my life… I’m going to use it as plot line.

Firstly though, I need to thank the Whistler ski patrol.

If you are going to get hurt, there is no better place.

You see, I fell in a rather precarious spot, six turns after dropping into a shoot on a double black diamond run called West Cirque.

According to my friends, I rolled about 100 meters and my humorous was torn from its socket and bulged out my back.

Gross. Right?  I’m glad I couldn’t really see it.

Once I stopped rolling we got my arm slung and tied to my body, my skis back on, and by the time we made it to the side of the run the ski patrol was waiting.

Three minutes later an emergency room doctor joined us carrying a tank of laughing gas.

Ten minutes after falling, my arm was popped back in and my shoulder, although sore and a bit worse for wear, was working.

All and all I’m feeling a bit blessed that my injuries where minor.

Can you see the story line forming now?

I always tell the kids in the classrooms I visit that the best stories come from real events.

I can’t wait to start typing with both hands again.

Happy Reading – S

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