Seeing Hush on the Shelf

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Seeing Hush on the Shelf


Well it’s here. It being the paperback version of Hush.

Holding the book seems surreal.

The cover feels soft in my shaking hands.

Marriage, birth, publication, seeing something I wrote on a bookstore’s shelf feels that big.

I did not think holding an actual copy of my book would feel this good.

Over coming my dyslexic insecurities, and proving to my daughters that you can be whatever you want, fills me with a sence of pride that is bigger than anything I have felt before.

On Wednesday our local bookstore, Watermark Book Co. called me down to sign their copies of Hush If you are ever in Anacortes this is a must stop, the place is amazing!

The owner passed me the copies.

With pen in hand I started to sign my name, I was so giddy that for one second I forgot how to spell Stacey.

Where exactly should I sign?

Do I include my last name?

Can I write any thing else?

Inside I am panicking, oh god I hope the reader likes what I wrote.

Too late for that.

Then the best thing in the world happened. The lovely woman standing at the counter asked to see a copy.

“This sounds fun,” she said reading the back. Then she buys it.IMG_1579

“I am sorry, but you are my first bookstore customer,” I said, holding back the urge to do a “happy dance” because I am truly the biggest geek ever. “Can I take your picture?”

“Yes,” she grinned, holding up her copy so I could get the shot.

Have I said how much I love my small town?

As I opened the door to leave the store I take a big breath of the rich slightly thick bookish air that surrounds me. I can almost taste the dreams of the authors before me on my tongue and smile thinking I am now part of this.

I step out of the store. My brain is bursting with ideas. I want  to feel this high again. I am scribbling down plot lines faster than my hand can write.

Watch out!



  1. Congratulations, Stacey! Enjoy the buzz!

    • Thank you Carol Anne!

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