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A Lakeview Novelette #2.5

Imagine, just imagine, you are 18 years old and living your dream life except for one thing: you really, really want to meet your biological father. This wish is the driving force behind Silence, the first sequel to Hush, Book 1 in the Lakeview novel series. Hush heroine Blakely is back and adjusting beautifully to life as the Teen Queen of an obscure Mediterranean country—happily balancing college, her stunningly handsome boyfriend and her new royal duties. Her American adoptive parents are on hand to help out, and her sister, Halle is visiting; so there could never be a better time for Blakely to set out with all of them in search of the man who was forced out of the country before she was born, and forbidden to ever speak to her unwed mother again. But how can they travel through France without being recognized? Ah, that’s where a royal stylist comes in handy! Wealth, power, and love fuel Blakely’s journey. But will her obsessive need to know the truth lead to great happiness or disappointment?


Green Darner Press

62 Pages

ISBN:  978-0-9864390-9-4