So and And

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So and And


A new friend of mine and I were talking about what it was like to be a writer and have a learning disability.

She said she came across a young woman who suffered from dyslexia, much like I do, and constantly used it as an excuse.

-I spell everything wrong so I don’t write.

-I have dyslexia so I can’t read.

My friend said she liked the fact that I shared this same hurdle, but never used the word so to make excuses.

She said I used the word and when I talked about my dyslexia.

At first I didn’t understand.

Then she gave me a couple of examples of things she had heard me say.

-I have a learning disability and  it makes me more creative.

-I learn differently then most people and that’s good thing.

My friend said she wished more people would use the word and.

I smiled. I didn’t even realize I did this.

What a great compliment.

What word will you choose?






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