Sock Monster Hits the Classroom

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Sock Monster Hits the Classroom

If you are an author, there is nothing better than visiting and working with the children that you write for.

Their energy is contagious, a better “pick-me-up” than coffee.

Even with my broken shoulder.

Although, I think the sling made me look kind of cool.

And isn’t that one of the rules of engaging students?

Look like you have a story to tell.

The answers I received to the questions I asked were truly inspiring.

There is no end to the imagination of children.

We should all stop and listen to them more often.

Since we were discussing writing and Sock Monster, I asked them what monster they would choose for a new story. Book Monster, Class Room Monster and even the dreaded Lunchbox Monster where three of the most popular.

I might have to write one or two of them.

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