Sock Monster’s First Big 5 Star Review

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Sock Monster’s First Big 5 Star Review

I am counting down the weeks to the release of my very first picture book, Sock Monster.

The process of writing a picture book has been humbling to say the least.

Every one of the 272 words needed to count. Picture books are traditionally only allowed 300 words.

Let’s just say I found writing a full 50,000 plus word novel far easier.

That being said, when I received this review last week I nearly wept.

I love Readers’ Favorite Reviews, they are a great resource.

I can’t wait to share Sock with you!

Happy Reading -S

5 Stars for Sock Monster

Michelle Robertson for Readers’ Favorite

What is a mom to do to when she walks into your room and finds a shirt, a sock, and more clothes on the floor? Why, she tells you the tale of the Sock Monster, of course. What is a Sock Monster, you ask? Let your shirts, your socks, and pants lie about the room, and you may soon find out the answers you seek!

Sock Monster written by Stacey R. Campbell is a charming children’s pictorial book introducing young readers the concepts of responsibility, tidiness, and consequences. Stacey Campbell knows how to appeal to readers of all ages. The plot of Sock Monster is not only a fun story for children to read or have read to them, but it is also a great resource for parents or guardians to utilize within their home environment. What adult wouldn’t want to find a way to get children to pick up their dirty clothes?

As a parent myself, I can’t speak for all who are around children or have them, but it is nearly impossible to get children to pick up their toys, let alone laundry. Upon reading this book to my young daughter, I asked her, “Do you have laundry on your bedroom floor?” She responded with, “Yes, oh no, the sock monster will visit me tonight, I better go clean it up.” And clean it up she did. Children’s books are meant to educate or entertain small children. Sock Monster certainly does both with its pages filled with vibrantly colored illustrations, and a creatively thought out modern day “folk tale.”

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  1. Great! Will there be a Sock Monster for Grown Ups? Sometimes I need some incentive with the laundry beyond clean clothes!

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