The Lakeview Novels


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A Lakeview Novel, #1

What if your entire life was a lie?

When her adoption was finalized Blakely Henry’s parents swore to never question the origin of her birth. But after Europe’s favorite monarchy is killed in a single act of terrorism questions arise.

Max Ryder thinks he knows the truth.

Sworn to secrecy, Max is admitted into an exchange program halfway around the world with the sole purpose of finding out if he’s right.

When a stolen email surfaces, Blakely’s life is threatened and Max starts to question what he is really after.

From the exclusive rolling lawns of Canada’s most prestigious boarding school to the University of Saint Andrews’ hallowed grounds, Hush weaves a tale of suspense and romance that is as addictive as any real-life royal scandal.


An exciting rush filled with new twists and turns page after page. I have found that there are rarely any good YA mystery novels, and Hush was a fresh breath of air. Unlike so many books for young readers, the characters in this book were perfectly sculpted to be realistic, people you could actually run into and their tales could hold truth. – San Francisco Book Review






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 A Lakeview Novel, #2
It’s Halle Henry’s first year at Lakeview Academy

On a snowy January night, just days after a fire that nearly destroyed the school’s library, Elsie Stewart,daughter of the headmaster and founder of Lakeview Academy, dies slipping beneath the ice of frozen Clearwater Lake. Unable to right the wrongs she committed before her tragic death, Elsie’s spirit walks the halls of her father’s school, waiting for someone who can.

One hundred years later, while joining her sister’s friend Leigh to help clean out the school’s administration building before the big remodel, Halle stumbles upon Elsie’s hidden journal.

Obsessed with what she finds, Halle searches the school for clues that may lead to solving a century-old mystery. The only problem is that Halle also talks Calum Stewart, Leigh’s worst nightmare, into helping them.

Once Leigh and Calum are forced work together, sparks fly and no one around them, alive or dead, is left unaffected.

 Nancy Drew meets Gossip Girl -Eve’s Fan Garden
Exciting, creepy and a love story to boot! – Paij Slater, Readingisoneof
If you are after a mesmerizing plot that will easily engage you and sweep you into this mysterious world at Lakeview Academy, look no further as Stacey R. Campbell has exactly what you have been looking for as your next read! -San Diego Book Review




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A Lakeview Novelette, #2.5

Searching for the answers about the father she never knew, Blakely Henry, now Queen of Tamura, takes her family on a cross-country adventure through the hill towns of Southern France.


 Author Stacey R. Campbell has meticulously crafted characters who come to life on the page so well that you feel you know them. Silence is glamorous fun, and at the same time, it is down to earth about skeletons in family closets and how families choose to deal with them. This is one of those sequels you can read without reading the novel that it follows (Hush); although it will make you want to go back and read the full story of how the adopted Blakely Henry came to find out she is the only surviving blood relative of an assassinated monarchy of a country that now needs her help.
-Marlan Warren, L.A. Now and Then & Roadmap Girl’s Book Buzz blog



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A Lakeview novel, #3


The third novel in Campbell’s Young Adult “Lakeview Series” finds its heroine, Halle Henry, kicking off her senior year with the perfect boyfriend, perfect roommate (his twin sister) and the prospect of getting into the perfect college–all of which become endangered when her boyfriend Alex witnesses a murder and ends up expelled for drugs planted in his backpack. Faced with uncooperative adults, Halle devises her own plan to corner the culprits using all the high-tech electronic equipment and methods at her disposal from full-on Internet, social media and digital tools to ordering spy stuff off Amazon. Halle joins forces with an unlikely ally–Alex’s edgy roommate Wyatt–as they set out to bring the real criminals to justice and bring back Alex in time for graduation. But can they keep from getting killed in the process? And almost as important:

Can they find out why the school cafeteria food sucks?


While I recommend starting any series with the first book, Scream is masterfully written, easily a stand-alone book that will resonate with readers as they devour the book in one sitting, leaving them craving for more. – San Diego Book Review
Jam-packed with action and suspense, Scream will leave the readers on the edge of their seats! This companion book to the Lakeview Series has the perfect mix of danger and fearless female characters. – Candid Cover