Title Hunting

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Title Hunting

Arge, my first children’s book title doesn’t work. (Can you tell I’ve been writing “pirate” all day?)  Finding the right title is vexing.

The book in question has been called Christopher and the Attack Mouse, Shanghaied, and lastly South by Southwest.

“South by Southwest” is a music festival a friend told me.

At first I thought that it would be ok, I loved the title, but now my publisher and I think it would be like calling the book Woodstock or Burning Man. Not exactly the kind of thing you name a children’s book. Hmm…

This book was the first story I wrote as an adult, a three-year quest.

I finished my first draft and thought it a best seller. Only to learn later that it really wasn’t.

So I placed the manuscript on the shelf and started writing Hush.

Hush literally pour from my fingers. The first draft only took 6 months to write. After going through an additional year of rewrites and edits it made it’s way to the shelf and into your hands.

Then came Whisper. Whisper took 5 months to write and we are working on the final edits now. Very soon you’ll be able to read it too.

During this process my editor, who has 2 darling little boys, remembered me mentioning that I may have something for them to read.

I was a little apprehensive when she asked to have a look at it, but she was relentless.

“Okay,” I said giving in. “But give me a week to look it over.”

When I started rereading what I had written years before I realized I told a story, I didn’t show one. Do you know the difference? I bet you do.

Now I knew what needed to be done so that my future reader could see, feel and hear the characters, like I did.

I reworked the beginning of the story.

I emailed her what I had.

She loved it.

Now I am reworking the entire book, slicing and dicing things that don’t work and adding things that do.

We are researching artists for illustrations, putting together cover ideas and are on a quest to find the perfect title.

So here is where you come in.

I need a fun pirate, orphaned boy finding out the true meaning of friendship and family, talking animal, turn of the century, seafaring title for my first children’s book. (Phew that was a mouthful)

I am not asking for much, just the perfect eye catching best selling title this book deserves.

My mind is drawing a blank. I am to close to the story.

Message me if you come up with something!

Write a note on my Facebook page – www.facebook.com/authorstaceyrcampbell

I’m even on twitter @staceyrcampbell

Put your thinking caps on. I’ll give you credit in the acknowledgements and a signed copy of the book if we end up using what you suggest.


Happy Reading! -S

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