Where my imagination goes into hyper drive –

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Where my imagination goes into hyper drive –

Yay, summer is here!

But along with the sunscreen and bug spray comes a total lack of blog time for this busy mom of 3.

This weekend marked the end of the school year for us.

On Saturday morning my husband and I piled in the boat and headed up to Shawnigan Lake School, (Cough, Cough- Lakeview academy).

If we go by boat our commute is about an hour. If we have to drive it takes over 6.

Needless to say, as of last year, we have a very cool new way to make the trip.

The Shawnigan Lake campus never ceases to amaze me.

The place is absolute mind candy for me.

Every time I am there I come up with new senses, plot lines and twists.

This time I snapped a few pictures I thought I would share with you so you can see where  the setting for Hush and the Lakeview Novel series came from.

Hope you enjoy-


Our morning commute-










Campbell House inspiration IMG_2201


IMG_2203 Some of the real life Campbell House girls. -Thanks E&S for letting me post your photo 🙂

The Language Building (Science Building in Hush) where Blakely is almost killed IMG_2196

And drum roll please…..IMG_2187 – The Admissions building ( Plus Blakely and Leigh) mid remodel. This is a big part of book 2, Whisper. The building I describe has a brick facade, but this is where I got the idea and it’s  really fun to see something I wrote about actually happening.

Till next week, wear your sunscreen!


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