Join Christopher and Lucy, Leo the Attack-Mouse-for-Hire, Sugar the Monkey, and a throng of talking bats–as they battle pirates on the high seas.

When 13-year-old Christopher runs away from an orphanage, he is kidnapped by undercover pirates who force him to pretend he is a relative who cannot speak, as they sign on to a merchant ship they are plotting to plunder.

Trapped in silence, Christopher discovers he can talk with a highly skilled mouse who will teach him Five Life Lessons.

The Captain’s 12-year-old daughter Lucy discovers the truth about Christopher and befriends him. But can they stop the pirates?

This thrilling tale piles on the fun, hidden treasure, swashbuckling swordfights, terrifying storms and island paradise adventures that make pirate sagas so enjoyable. What sets Arrgh! apart is its hero’s heartwarming wish for family, and how he comes to find the family he will treasure forever.

For ages 7-12

“A satisfying, well-told story of an orphan boy who escapes the clutches of his pirate abductors, proves himself courageous and finds the real treasure of family. Campbell’s novel is a delightful symphony for children, tuned with evocative prose that conjures images of the seafaring life.”

Kirkus Reviews

“A true treasure.”
-Midwest Book Review

“It’s high tide and time to set sail on an amazing adventure of a life time. Arrgh! by Stacey R. Campbell is without a doubt my favorite Middle Grade book that I’ve read this year! I admit, I have a soft spot for all things piratical, but I think I would have loved this story even if it wasn’t about my favorite kinds of swashbuckling scallywags.”

– Katelyn Hensel for Readers’ Favorite

“Delightful adventurous and sometimes heart pumping tale I could not put down!”

-Mel Barnes, Novels, News & Notes

“Working in an elementary school library, it is a treat to find a book that will interest both girls and boys at all grade levels. “Arrgh” is a fun read that won’t disappoint.”

-Michele Bruce, Fidalgo Elementary School Library

“I liked this book a lot!  It was action packed. Shiver me timbers, it has even made me want to be a pirate for Halloween.”

-Madeline, age 8.

” The story made me smile. It’s just a fun book to read.”

-Isabella D., age 10 3/4 

“I would recommend this book to kids who like great action and fun characters.”

-Landen I., age 9

 “A thrilling adventure on the high seas. I want a talking mouse as a BFF!”

  – Macia M., age 12

 “I think it’s a really good, interesting story. I like the characters, especially Christopher and Leo.”

-Peter R., age 10

“I liked this book because I never knew what was going to happen next which made it really exciting to read!”

-Anders W., age 11

“This book has loads of adventure and gave us good dreams.   A boy hero, stolen treasure, awful pirates, the royal navy, a talking mouse, a helpful monkey, good friends and the call of the sea…buy this book or walk the plank!  ARRGH!!!!”  

-Cole and Ellie P., age 7

“I love this book. I think I’ll read it again. An exiting adventure.”

-Ellen N, age 11

“I would recommend this book to kids who like big adventures on the sea.” 

 Branko J., age 11


Green Darner Press

272 Pages

ISBN: 978-0-9884784-4-2  

E-book:   $5.99

Paper Back:   $15.99

Hardcover:   $22.95




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