A fun new interview

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A fun new interview

Recently I have done a couple of fun interviews and a book giveaways. The most current being with Avigail at Leaf Through Books.

I love working with bloggers and readers. Having someone tell you that they enjoy what you wrote is the most amazing feeling. I don’t know if I can ever express my thanks enough.

There are still a couple of days left in giveaway. For more information or to read Avigail’s review of Hush please click on her link.

I have posted her interview below.

Cheers for now- Stacey


On HUSH – 

What made you decide on the title? 

 *The title Hush popped into my head half way through the write. I didn’t want the title to be too princessy or feminine because I would lose my male audience. We had tried a couple of other names but they never felt right, I can’t even remember what they were now. When my publisher gave me the okay to use Hush the names for the other three books in the Lakeview series fell immediately into place. Whisper, book two, will be for sale early this coming spring. Scream, book three, will be released in spring 2015 and Silence, book four, spring 2016.

How did you come up with the names of your characters? 

 *Names are a really tricky thing, especially because I use our daughter’s names as the leads in each book. Their love interests can’t be anyone they know, that would just be awkward and creepy. Sometimes I will sneak in a few of the names of their good friends, Semele for example, the girl Blakely dances with at the Halloween dance, is real.

Your Blakely was gauged on your daughter, what about Max?

*Doesn’t every girl need a Max? I love him. Unfortunately I made him up. He is bits of movies and book characters I have enjoyed, my husband, and a few friends I had growing up. When Blakely and I started developing Max we decided to make him look like Alex Pettyfer. I pasted several pictures of the actor on my desktop and watched a ton of his earlier movies when he would have been around Max’s age. For each of my books I’ve had the daughter who’s playing the lead pick out who she wants to be her leading man. Just wait till you see Calum from Whisper. If you want a sneak peak go to my Pinterest page and tap on “The Lakeview Novels” board.

HUSH seems to be a merge of Anastasia/Princess Diaries in some ways; do you have fascination for these works?

*I love princess books and movies. I am a huge Disney / Pixar fan and a complete sap. The idea for Hush did not come from this though. The story came from a dinner conversation at our house. Our middle daughter Leigh asked us where her red hair came from. My husband’s family is British and he told her that her red hair came from her Tudor relatives. The real Blakely seized on to the Tudor name and immediately asked if she could be a princess. She was around twelve at the time. I told her that’s not how it really works. “But,” she said. “There could be a big family reunion and every one else could die. Then I would be the only one left.” I started writing Hush a few years later after she left for boarding school as a way to stay in touch with her and her friends.

Were there chapters in HUSH that you get stumped with? 

*The kissing chapters completely stumped me. A lot of young adult books go much further than I was willing, especially since I was using my daughter’s name. The technical definition of a young adult book is a story written for readers ages thirteen and older. When I finished a chapter that had kissing in it I would send it to the real Blakely for her approval. I wanted to be careful not to embarrass her when the book came out.

Will there be a continuation of Blakely and Max? 

*Yes! But not until Book four, Silence. There are snippets of Blakely, Max, and North in both Whisper and Scream, but we don’t dive back into their characters until Silence.




Are you the kind of author who thinks of the title last or the title first? 

*I really like having a title at the beginning of a write. That being said, titles can always change and a lot of time the author does not get to choose them, their publisher does. I am lucky enough to have a really cool publisher though.

Would you ever consider writing paranormal? 

*Yes, in fact Whisper has a huge paranormal element to it. I can’t tell you how many Ghost Hunter and paranormal type shows I watched to get the ghost scenes in Whisper right. I am pretty much a huge chicken when it comes to all things scary. The whole process was really challenging for me. I hope you will like what I came up with!

If you were to write a paranormal, which paranormal entities would you concentrate on and would fascinate you the most? 

*Ghosts fascinate me. I like the idea of spirits that are left behind for one reason or another. I love things that can’t be explained easily.

What is the most important lesson you learned from writing? 

*The most important thing I have learned from writing, is to never give up. Writing a book is an incredibly humbling experience and I don’t know if people understand what goes into a finished publication. As a writer you have to be open, if the criticism you receive is constructive you can grow from it and it makes you better, but there are a lot of people out there that are just plain mean. Then there is the professional side of publishing. A writer might wait years to get picked up by an agent or a publisher. That’s just normal. If you are willing to put in the work you will achieve success.




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