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As the launch date for Whisper gets closer and my brain gets a wee bit more frazzled, I am thrilled to announce that the first 3 chapter’s of Scream, book 3 in the Lakeview Novel series, will be included in the back of Whisper as a teaser of what is to come.

I am so excited for this next installment.

Drug dealers, murder, I am typing, scribbling and pulling my car over to jot down all the different plot twists that keep invading my head.

J. K. Rowling was not kidding when she said half of her stories were written on the back of napkins, receipts, and paper scraps.

My desk looks like a recycle bin.

So when March 15th rolls around grab your copy of Whisper and enjoy.

I can’t wait to share what’s coming up next!

Happy reading!



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  1. March 15th can’t get here soon enough!

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