Café au Lait and Pain au Chocolate

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Café au Lait and Pain au Chocolate

I have not blogged for the last few weeks because I have been traveling.








I thought maybe I could do it, write while away, but alas I am not Wonder Woman, and the call for adventure was much stronger than the call to write.

We went to England and France. Our middle daughter Leigh and I.










We toured, we shopped, we cooked, we hiked, and we even river rafted.

I have not been to either of these countries in 19 years and it was our daughter’s first trip.

The architecture, the sites, the history made my jaw drop.

Everywhere I looked there were stories to be told.

From a new prince’s birth, to a replica of Sir Frances Drakes ship (the one I modeled The Georgiana after in my upcoming middle grade release, Shanghaied – July, 2014)









Even a window full of Parisian men’s shirts caught my eye. – Really, I want to know who would wear one of these things, the man who does has a story to tell!


Portobello Market, the Eifel Tower, the clock face in the  d’Orsay museum, the lover’s locks on the bridge next to Notre Dame, the ancient marble sculptures in the Louvre, even a pile of old tins in an antique market caught my attention and made my mind swirl with possibilities.


DSC01176 DSC01314P1010073DSC01368 P1010092

This has definitely been an inspiring summer.

Cheers for now – Stacey

Don’t forget the sunscreen!


  1. You ARE “Wonder” Woman – and you are an “open book” – Sharing your most wonderful life adventure:) Looks like it was a magical trip! xo Parse

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