Check this out!

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Check this out!

It’s done. I now have a remodeled website.

Come check it out,

I wanted to find a way to incorporate my new releases, add more pictures, and allow readers easier access to the creative process I all call writing.

I’ve added a tab for Hush the movie, where I can post images and news as things start happening.

There’s a new tab for ARRGH, where I have put in a gallery of character sketches so that people can see how we’ve merged illustrations with the story.

Then I tried to make everything as simple and intuitive as possible.

There’s even an easy way to connect to my Pinterest page, YouTube channel, and Facebook posts.

The best part about my new website?

I can manage it all myself. I’ve been taught, trained, and taken Advil for computer-induced headaches.

That counts right?

Now back to writing Scream, book three in the Lakeview series.

I swear I walked into two different rooms yesterday only to ask myself why I was there in the first place.

Isn’t getting lost in plot lines the best, ha-ha.

Happy Reading –S


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