Describe Each Day of the Week as if it was a Person.

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 This has been the funnest writing exercise I’ve done to date.

I dare you to give it a go.

You’ll be laughing at the difference a day makes.

Here’s my week…

Monday          I am the little old lady at the pool who drags her ill fitting flip flops across the wet tile before slipping into the cold chlorinated water for my morning swim. I know I’ll feel better after I force myself to do something that I’d rather not so I dip my toe in and push myself forward to meet the challenge head on.

Tuesday         Today I’m not a person but a dog. The one curled at my feet as I type. My warm brown eyes are intent and focused. When asked if I want a treat, my moist black nose twitches hopefully because I am waiting to catch a whiff of what’s just around the corner.

Wednesday   I am a fisherman in the middle of a storm. I am completely wet; down to the puddle I feel accumulating in the bottom of my rubber boots. I feel heavy because my cloths are drenched and with every step I take I keep getting pulled backwards. I’m also in my 40’s, which is important to note, because I can still fight like hell, but I will have to take copious amounts of Advil by the end of the day.

Thursday      Today I am a Greek warrior fighting an unknown mythical beast. (Can you tell I just started writing a new manuscript?) I am struggling; my men are fleeing the battlefield. In reality I stop by the wine store so I can pray to the God of the vine harvest, Dionysus for a little help.

Friday             I am an indie rock singer, tattoos, braids, the works. I have a tune in my head and I my fingers can’t play fast enough. I’m throwing caution to the wind and letting my heart lead the way. Who knows, this song could be the break I need.


Happy Reading – S



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