Lime Green Walls & Dragonflies

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Lime Green Walls & Dragonflies


This week marked the end of an era for me.

My baby, who is now twelve, decided to paint her room.

Eleven years ago I painstakingly hand stenciled tiny rainbow-colored bugs on the candy apple green walls of our youngest daughters room.

This week my daughter and I covered them with the pale pink paint she picked out at the hardware store.

With each stoke of the brush I mourned the past and celebrated the future.

If I were to give someone advice when starting a family I would tell them to cherish every second. Time flies by in the wink of an eye. Before you know your child will have moved on and your time with them is over.

When asked why I write I tell people I write for my children.

For me writing is a way to be part of their expanding, ever changing lives.

Everything I put down on paper passes their eyes.

They correct what I write and tell me if I’ve taken things too far or not far enough.

I often hear, “Mom that’s not how we talk. Umm mom, you might want to rework that.”

Story lines are created at the dinner table; characters are produced at soccer games.

If, through writing, I can get them to be part of my life I inadvertently remain part of theirs and isn’t that what it’s all about?

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