My 10 + 2

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My 10 + 2

A girlfriend asked me if I would write a list of my ten favorite things for her.

I love knowing what people are using, eating, and wearing, especially if it’s something they feel passionately about.

You know, that perfect item that just works.

Flattered, I said I would.

Join me if you like!

I would love to see your list too!

So, in no particular order, drum roll please …( Ha Ha !)


IMG_0050Kona Coffee – It’s Monday morning. I had to put this one up at the top.











My Thumbies necklace – OK this one sounds weird, but it’s not. A Thumbie is a gold imprint of someone’s fingerprint. I wear my daughter’s tiny prints constantly. We took each of them a week after our third daughter was born. It was the best mother’s day present ever. The charms remind me that even though they are far away they are still close.  Unfortunately over the years the price tag has risen, sorry.






Elta MD UV Facial Sunscreen—This stuff is the best. It rubs in, won’t break you out, and doesn’t sting your eyes when you are sweating.












Haribo Gummy Bears – No substitute will do. It is all about the texture for me. These sweet little bears have been my favorite since I was old enough to chew.







IPhone– what can I say? I am a mom and an Apple junkie. This thing organizes my life, plays my tunes, pulls up books for me to read while I am waiting on kids, connects me to friends, and allows me to work from anywhere.





Wood House Chocolates – I am a chocoholic. When we travel I take it upon myself to check out any shop that carries this fine substance. Woodhouse Chocolates, in St. Helena, California, is the best. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.


IMG_1935Vanicream Lotion– Have you ever spent a ton of money on stupid facial creams that never work? Stop!  At $8 a pound this one can’t be beat.  I use it day (along with sun screen) and night, body and face, you don’t need to buy anything else. My husband almost sent the dermatologist flowers after I discovered this one.








Norwex kitchen rags – These things are amazing! They are made with silver alloy and sanitize anything on the spot. Once they dry, they even sanitize themselves. When you do the amount of cleaning I do these rags are a must.

And yes, I probably watched too many of Oprah’s  “Do you know what’s on that” shows.

My family thinks I am a bit of a freak.


Patagonia puff jacket– Can one even survive in the Northwest without a down coat? Cozy beyond belief; washable, and able to be shoved into the smallest bag if necessary, these jackets are the best!











Blue and white Lucky scarf – Anything light with these two colors is a classic. This one I got in Hawaii. I wear it whenever I need an extra boost of confidence. I am weird that way. I avoid black cats too.









Lastly, here are my personal “plus 2” favorites. These can change from time to time.


Book: Missed Connections – Sophie Blackall. I had the luck of seeing this amazing artist and writer at this years SCBWI conference. She is amazing!


Music: Sophia Grace and Rosie on the Ellen DeGeneres show, Here’s the link to their newest, and any thing by Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, – I love a good laugh.


If you want to participate send your lists to inanimate objects only please and let me know why you like them!



  1. Honourable mention “Siegels Bagels rugelach”

    • Oh that is already on the top of the list for next months top ten! It was just so sunny this weekend that I had to put the sunscreen in there first! Truth be told, I could probably write a whole blog on that Rugelach – yum!!

  2. Stacey. I love your adolescence! Gummy bears….. Really?! So adorable (and so true)

  3. love these! Please share where you found the thumbies… 🙂

    • The company is no longer in business, or at least I can’t find them any more. Sorry. It is a huge bummer because I wear mine everyday and I wish I could get another. All the best-S

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