My Unlimited Musical Talents- Just Joking!!!

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My Unlimited Musical Talents- Just Joking!!!

So our girls are home for the summer and Blakely, the eldest, went to my desk and opened the middle drawer.

“Um, Mom? Why do you have a Kazoo in here?”

“Well…” I replied.

And proceeded to tell her this story.

I bought my lovely blue and green striped Kazoo at our local toy store before my last book event, Western Washington’s spring SCBWI’s Inside Story.

I knew one of my fellow presenters; an exceedingly talented author by the name of Kevin Emerson was a musician.

Last year at the same event he and Martha Brockenbrough, another equally excellent writer, presented their new books with a song so I wanted to be prepared in case back up was needed this year.

Unfortunately Kevin did not bring his ukulele and I was stuck at the podium, Kazoo in hand, with no one to accompany.

Well… the Kazoo made it back into my car and for the next month whenever I found myself stuck in traffic I played whatever tune happened to be stuck in my head, which would make me burst out laughing and everyone around me stare. What the heck, right? Ever hear Katy Perry’s Firework done on a Kazoo? It’s awesome!

But alas, finally cleaning my car, the Kazoo was moved inside.

Now every time I open my drawer I smile.

Life is short. What do you do to keep yourself entertained?

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  1. Now that is just plain funny! Anything that makes you laugh is a good thing 😉

  2. 🙂

  3. I love a good kazoo and you never cease to make me smile! Miss you!!!1 xoxoxo


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