On to Pirates

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On to Pirates

Arrgh!!!  Can you believe that title? It makes be giggle every time I say it. Really, who can growl and keep a straight face. “Arrgh!!!” is the name of my first Middle grade book, due to release this fall; think grades 3 -6.

Arrgh!!! is the story of a young orphaned boy who is kidnapped by pirates, told he may not speak, forced into hard labor on a merchant ship, befriends a talking mouse, saves a ship captain and his 13 year old daughter from certain doom, and learns that family is the greatest treasure of all.

The story hinges around Christopher, a young orphaned boy.

When I was little my father made up stories about him; blond, skinny, naive to the ways of the world, approximately 13/ 14 years old.

I have had Christopher’s image in my head for thirty-five years.

When I started writing Arrgh!!! I never thought I’d actually get to help create his visual, but now that is exactly what I have done with the help of an amazing illustrator by the name of M.S. Corley.

When we first started talking he asked me to describe Christopher.

I sent him snippets of dialogue, an in depth character description and several passages from the manuscript.

Soon after, I received rough sketches and was allowed to pick the characteristics I liked from each. Nose from image 8, hair from picture 6, and so on.

Back and forth we went until the boy on the page was the same as the boy in my mind, growing braver, stronger and bolder with every chapter.

The process was beyond cool and I found myself wishing that I possessed the talent to draw like M.S.

Unfortunately, my stick figures even hide in shame.

Happy reading – S


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