Book Signing 101

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Book Signing 101

10 simple rules for a successful signing:

1. For an easy flowing signature drink wine.

2. Make sure to stop at one glass of said libation. This is important or your signature may resemble the last prescription your doctor wrote.

3. Bring cookies. After all who can resist a shortbread cookie with frosting or chocolate chip? Cookies allow the potential buyer to step up to your table, pick up your book, and become utterly hooked by your witty synopsis.

4. Invite friends or schedule your signing with fellow published friends. If you do this you will never look like the true introvert you are and it will allow you to forget that all you really want to do is to get back to your computer and start writing your next book.

5. Ask questions. Explore your reader. Find out what makes them tick. This is your target audience.

6. Indulge in conversation with the bookstore staff.  These people are extremely cool and chances are they read more than you could ever hope to read. If you are lucky you can ask them questions about your book and they will be able to give you great, honest, and intelligent feedback.

7. Have two or three catch phrases on hand that you can write before signing your name; for example, best wishes, thank you for your support, happy reading. Hopefully you will have time for a little chit-chat and be able to personalize your signing, but at some point during the event you will experience brain freeze so being able to write something is better than nothing at all.

8. Brush your teeth. Bad breath or a stray parsley leaf can lead to slightly embarrassing situations.

9. Wear loose pants and or dresses. Chances are you will indulge in at least two or more of your sugary baked goods.

10. Enjoy the moment. You did it, your name is on the shelf, your mind is exploding, keep writing.  It’s completely worth it!



  1. What a wonderful and funny list, Stacey. Love that, and you are on your way. Wonderful journey.

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