Summer Writing

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Summer Writing


Warm weather in the Pacific Northwest is something to be treasured.

The ability to over load on vitamin D is not a common thing where we live.

So when the sun is out, so are we.

Our house is full of teenagers, laughing playing, and burning marshmallows as the day’s heat wears off into cool nights.

We go hiking, participate in small island Independence Day parades and practically live on the water.

Summer is not the best time for writing.

Instead I do research.

I watch and learn how many of my characters interact, speak and dress.

My quiet and sometimes not so subtle work, happens everywhere. From the porch of our house, to the beach, at the store, the list is endless.

Now, I am lucky enough to be travelling to England and France with our middle daughter Leigh later this week.

I am thinking of setting book four of the Lakeview series, Silence, and here.

I am beyond excited.

My next several blogs will probably be about travel and chocolate however so beware.

Yesterday I received some pretty amazing news that I wanted to share with you before I leave.

It looks like there is a backer to Hush the movie and when I return I may even start working with a screenwriter.

The possibility is truly surreal, the concept, mind-boggling.

The woman putting this all together is amazing and I will fill you all in as I am allowed.

But know this, it is going to be great!


Follow your dreams and wear your sunscreen!

Cheers for now- Stacey


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