The Birth of a Cover…

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The Birth of a Cover…

What is in a cover?

Well let us see.

Blood, sweat, and tears?  Well maybe not the blood. But there is a whole lot of indecision, self-doubt, and stress.

Your cover is your main sales tool. It has to scream, “I am here. Buy me. You will be entertained, I promise!”

I fully admit to buying a book by its cover, who hasn’t? Cool covers sell. It is what lures you in, hooks you, gets you to flip the book over and see what’s inside.

So, how does an author decide what to put on their cover?

Usually they don’t, they’re publisher does, but I have an extremely cool publisher who let me choose my own design.

“First,” I was told, “think of your book. What are the key events or things that stand out in your head?”

Hmm… Hush is my first published work. It’s a mystery, a love story, and a thriller.


Think about it, what would you like the cover of your favorite book to look like if you could change it? It’s fun to ponder. Let an image roll around your brain. Is it dark, light and breezy, serious? How much of the story does it reveal?

Ok, lets try something sweet for Hush:


Wow, when this came in I freaked out. I loved it. Shoot, my name was on it, the moment seemed surreal. But then I started to think about the story, what is sweet about being hunted by terrorists?

Back to the drawing board I went. “Ok,” the cover designer said. “How about this?”:


Cool, but… What’s an old book got to do with Hush? Textbooks, yeah ok, the story does take place at a school.

I emailed my designer and told her I’m still not sure.



Now we are getting somewhere, a royal crest.

In my mind the weathered letter sitting in Aunt Rose’s desk had a seal such as this. The image hints at what is inside, with out giving too much away.

I then printed this cover option out and stuck it on my refrigerator.

After a couple of days of looking at the image, I still had mixed feelings. Was this really the right cover for Hush? Everyone seemed to like it, but there was still something missing.

“It needs texture,” my dear friends said, when I asked for help.

My poor cover designer wanted to kill me by now, I was sure of it. “Can we try one more thing?” I asked.

And a cover was born.

Hush, a novel by young adult author Stacey R. Campbell




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  1. Stacey, you made a good choice!! And thanks to you I am getting the NOOK to download your book….I just can’t wait to get it started! Love, Christie

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