The Long Road to Publication

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The Long Road to Publication

It’s really happening, Hush- A Lakeview Novel  is out.

I have been travelling down this road for a year and a half, four if you count my first book Shanghaied that still waits on my desk calling my name.

This path has had bumps, troughs, and occasional water hazards.

The views and destination are well worth it though.

My nerves jump through hoops and I wonder about switching to decaf. People are actually going to read my work. I need chocolate.


The hollowed shelves of an actual bookshop are next. I can hardly wait for January to come when I can hold Hush in my hands and find it filed in with the other authors who’s names end with C.

Publishing has changed with the onslaught of E books.

Now your work is launched on multiple platforms and at different times.

E books are usually first, allowing your work to collect reviews, that’s what we have decided to do.

After a couple of months comes the print, or hard copy, mid January for me.

If my reviews are good I’ll try and get into Costco, the big C. Toilet paper, beer and me.

To quote Frank Sinatra, “If I can make it there, I’ll make it any where…”

So many writers have been here before me. I am humbled.

Even books I may not like or agree with, I have to respect. I know the road they have traveled.

My awe for the written word has grown by leaps and bounds.

I am speechless, (which is rare).

So with out further ado may I suggest you pour yourself a steaming mug of  hot cocoa, sit in your chair of choice, down load Hush- A Lakeview Novel, on your Kindle or Nook,  (iBooks, this coming Monday) and enjoy.

Thank you!


  1. …never doubted you would get to this place. Well done and congratulations! Hope to see you soon, my dear.

  2. Well said, I know the energy it takes to write a book and then wait for it to sell. We are all looking forward to reading your words. In Italy now eating, drinking and will return on Monday. Congratulations love Renee

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