The Next Lakeview Novel

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The Next Lakeview Novel

Whisper is just about here.

Final edits are coming together and by the end of next month, advanced reading copies (ARCs) will be available for review purposes. Sales to the public will likely start in March.

I hope fans of Hush will not be disappointed.

Whisper is not a princess story. Whisper is a couple of things: a romance (of course), an adventure novel (because everyone loves a good treasure hunt) and a ghost story.

If you knew me, you would know how unbelievable this last genre is. I usually avoid all things scary because I am fundamentally a massive chicken.  I can barely watch movies with even slightly gruesome titles and often have to leave the room if a “so called” horror flick is on. My daughters and husband, however, love all things scary. They can spend hours watching monster movies and Halloween is their favorite holiday.

So why would I write about ghosts? Because the real Lakeview Academy is haunted, or at least that’s what some of its residents claim.

Last year when I was visiting our daughter’s school for parent teacher conferences I was introduced to a marvelous woman named Doris. She is a custodian at the school and volunteered to show me the school archives. While with her, I asked if she had ever seen or heard anything she couldn’t explain and her answer blew my socks off. In fact, I have written many of the details she described to me that day into Whisper. I even gave Doris her own chapter and used her name in the pages of the book. You will have to read Whisper to find out more … for now my lips are sealed.

I will say, however, that the ghost scenes were challenging to write and had to be reworked several times.

I have researched and watched numerous accounts of so-called “real life” hauntings and have become fascinated with the subject. I am not talking about the Hollywood versions of blood and gore or the pea soup vomit inducing hauntings and possessions. I am talking about “spirits”.  What they mean, why they are here and what they might be capable of doing?

Yes Blakely, Max and North make an appearance in Whisper; as well as in Scream (Book three).  However it won’t be until Silence, the fourth Lakeview novel, that we revisit their characters in full.

Stay tuned – Stacey



  1. I don;t know HOW you manage to stay sane! Loved Hush and now I can’t WAIT until Whisper comes out! What an inspiration.

    • Thank you! I can’t wait for you to read it too! 🙂

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