The Search for Whisper’s Perfect Cover –

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The Search for Whisper’s Perfect Cover –

I know, I know, this should be the best part of getting your book on the shelf.

The cover…

Seeing your name in writing is a total rush, but coming up with the artwork to go along with it gives me nightmares, serious migraines, and panic attacks. (Ok, I might be exaggerating a little.)

Now, first off, I have to say I have an awesome team behind me.

My publisher lets me have a lot of say on what goes on the cover of my books. This is unheard of in the business, and I love her for it.

My editor not only helps me put the whole book together, but gives great suggestions on what the cover needs. I think she may know the story even better then I do by the end of the process.

The designers I work with are AMAZING.

And, I have two wonderful friends, Chris and Justin, who mock up my temporary covers and help me with everything technical.

I really couldn’t be luckier!

Still the freaky perfectionist Virgo side of me is constantly second guessing my decisions.

Here let me give you a couple examples:

Whisper 1 copy Whisper 1b Whisper 2 Whisper 3 Whisper 4aWhisper 1

How does one make up their mind?

And these are just the newest rounds of images.

The cover has to go with the first cover.

Has to work with the theme of the book.

And most importantly, it has to make the reader want to pick up the book and want to read it.

No stress at all, right?

Well, I am happy to say that the search is now over, which of coarse is why I’m blogging about it.

So with out further adieu, I am pleased to present the final cover for Whisper, book 2 in the Lakeview Novel series.


Whisper 5b

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  1. Love it Stacey! Definitely my favorite. I’m happy to know about your blog and I will be checking in!

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