Up & Running

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Up & Running

Wow, I cant believe it is time to start blogging again.

As you may have guessed, due to my lack of communication, I have taken some much needed time off.

We moved, had a couple of kids come back home then leave again and basically started a whole new life adventure in the far off distant land called “The City.”

Sounds silly. I know. But when you’ve been living in a small town for the last twenty plus years, as we have, being around so many new things is somewhat overwhelming.

People are everywhere. I know no one when I walk into the grocery store. The local post office has no idea what my name is when I venture in to buy stamps. Traffic lights dont start blinking at 6:00pm. And there is a little thing called “take out” that absolutely ROCKs. Seriously, how did I live the last twenty years without it.

Needless to say, I am glad to report that city life is suiting us well and I am FINALY back at my desk.

Insert a ridiculous picture of me doing an absurd happy dance.

Getting back to story telling has been a bit of a struggle, but for Christmas I gave myself a Masterclass. The course is taught by James Patterson, who is great, and it has brought me back into my chair. I highly recommend this online class to anyone who is thinking about putting pen to paper.

Can’t wait to show you what’s next!

Stay tuned.

Happy Reading – S

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